Monthly Network Reset

Hardwares used
WS2K19-WinSrv: Domain Controller and DNS server.
WS2K19-VPNSrv: Member Server.
Router: type Linksys|Dlink|NetGear, …
WS10-CLI01: Windows 10 PC.
WS10-Laptop01: Windows 10 Wireless

Network Diagram here !!!!

When you’re doing the monthly update on the VPN server, you’re going to eventually reinstall the VPN Server.

When to Reset the VPN Network
1) After a power failure, restarting the VPN server
2) After a monthly update of the Private Network

Client computer
The monthly update very often happens 2 or 3 days before or after the last month updating on Client computers with automatic downloads. Once finished monthly update on all Clients and Servers, Turn off all client Computers, disconnect the ISP cable (FromISP NIC) and connect ToLan NIC from the VPN server and reboot the modem by disconnecting the power cable for 30 second at least. When all lights come back blue, disconnect the dsl|network cable from the wall and reconnect after at least 30 seconds.

Domain Controller (Active Directory Domain Service) Server
Log into the DC server, go to Server Manager

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